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P3.312 STI/HIV Assessment in Main Transport Corridors Along Djibouti to Addis Ababa
  1. A K Woldemichael1,
  2. F Alwan2,
  3. A Hassen1
  1. 1IRAPP, Kampala, Uganda
  2. 2IGAD, Djibouti, Djibouti


Background There are very limited number of literatures on cross-border communities and HIV/AIDS. The objective of this study is to assess the situation of HIV/AIDS among populations in the main transport corridors along Djibouti to Addis Ababa.

Methodology The study was conducted in three hot spots along Djibouti to Addis Ababa rout, namely. Both qualitative and quantitative approaches employed in order to explore HIV/STI situations.

Result A total of 120 truck drivers and their assistance were interviewed at 3 hot spots. 81.7% were truck drivers and 18.3% were truck drivers’ assistants. A wide variety of health problems were reported; of all Malaria (98.3%), STI (81.1%), URTI (65.1%) and diarrhoea (63.3%). From all participants, 31.7% could not identify any STI symptoms, while the rest, 28.3%, 14.2% and 5.8% of them were known one, three and five symptoms, respectively. 48.3% of the participants have sought treatment, of whom 81% of them were treated at private clinics.

The majority of FSWs are mobile with truck drivers (38.3), and 31.7 of them were not travel with truck drivers. The FSWs clients found to be truckers, port workers, uniformed services, government employee. Common health problems reported by FSWs were STI (95.2%), HIV/AIDS (74.8%), and malaria (22.1%). As symptoms, genital sores identified by 40%, vaginal discharge by 60%, burning sensation by 70%.

Conclusion The highways were carrying relatively high volumes of traffic. Mobility of truckers and FSWs was high. Transactional sex is already at high level and condom use is low. There were high prevalent of self reported cases of STIs by truckers and FSWs. There is a need for targeted HIV programmes for FSWs and Truckers.

  • Transport-corridor
  • truckers - FSWs

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