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  1. A Ahmed Abdi,
  2. I Hassan Farah
  1. Armed Forces Health Service, Djibouti, Djibouti


Introduction National prevalence of HIV/AIDS in Djibouti is estimated at 3% based on 2002 data moreover the military are considered as at-risk group. An HIV/AIDS seroprevalence survey in 2006 was conducted over a population composed of the Armed Forces to assess the seroprevalence of HIV/AIDS among Djiboutian military forces.

Patients and Methods 1880 individuals, from the 5 major garrison of the country, were double tested using two rapid tests. A Knowledge, Attitudes and Practice Survey (KAP) conducted. The results were analysed with STRATA and EPI INFO softwares.

Results Seroprevalence The seroprevalence rate among the whole armed forces was 1.18% (IC95 0.89%–1.55%)

KAP survey The questioned individuals were 34 years for the average age, 55% were soldiers, 55% were been at Primary school, 97% quoted in first the AIDS like problem of public health in front of tuberculosis, the diabetes and malaria. 97% quoted that in HIV prevention the most significant is fidelity, only 15% have carried out a HIV test in the last 12 months. 75% answered that the STD is contracted after a not protected sexual relation with an infected person. 90% think that the use of the condoms is prohibited by the religion. 90% of questioned people stated to consume Khat at least once per week. 65% think that sexual vagrancy is frequent under the negotiable instrument of Khat.

Conclusion The seroprevalence of the survey has shown a result of 1.18% which is lower than the awaited rate. Nevertheless we estimate that our methodology figuring close to the reality and it will be up to the Health Service of the armed forces to carry out prevention, information and care policy so that this rate does not grow in the future at best decrease in favour on an in-depth work.

  • Armed Forces
  • HIV
  • Seroprevalence

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