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P3.349 Epidemiological and Clinical Aspects of Congenital Syphilis in Belarus
  1. O Pankratov
  1. Belarusian Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education, Minsk, Belarus


In the years 1996–2012 all together 4966 pregnant women infected with syphilis were registered in Belarus (8.36% from the general number of the women with syphilis for this period - 59426 cases). Primary syphilis was diagnosed in 13.2% of patients, secondary syphilis - 30.5%, latent early syphilis - 55.9%, latent late syphilis - 0.4%. Disease has been revealed in I trimester of pregnancy in 56.7% of patients, II trimester - 23.2%, III trimester - 17.5%, after delivery - 2.6%. 45.1% of women have made abortion after disease revealing.

There are 127 children with congenital syphilis (CS) registered in 1994–2012 in Belarus in total, but last two years cases of CS have not been registered. Among women which have given birth to children with CS primary syphilis was not diagnosed, secondary syphilis - 26.7%, latent early syphilis - 71.4%, seroresistant syphilis - 1.9%. Reinfection was registered in 8.5% of patients. Early CS with symptoms (Table) has been revealed in 24(18.9%) of children, early latent CS - in 81.1%. Cases of late CS have not been registered. Three children have died within the first month of a life.

Abstract P3.349 Table 1

Table-Clinical symptoms of manifest early CS in Belarus in 1994–2012 (n = 24)

  • congenital syphilis

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