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P3.352 Prevention of Congenital Syphilis
  1. N Potekaev,
  2. N Zatorskaya,
  3. O Porshina
  1. Moscow Scientific-Research Center of Dermatovenerology and Cosmetology, Moscow, Russian Federation


Congenital syphilis in Russia is an actual problem. The number of children with this disease was respectively 2005–325, 2006–321, 2007–325, 2008–249, 2009–190, 2010–175 persons. The source of the high morbidity are pregnant women with syphilis, who didn’t know about their disease before childbirth. The aim is to evaluate the importance of prevention of syphilis that is possible with the deepest analysis of health of each child. Complex inspections of 51 children with early congenital syphilis revealed that 84.3% had manifested forms.

At birth 62.7% had Apgar score below 7/8 points, 25.4% - 7/8 points, 11.8% - above 7/8 points. While in the hospital 5.9% - had satisfactory status, 13.7%– moderately grave condition, 80.3% - critical condition, among them 54.9% - premature babies.

Clinical signs of early congenital syphilis symptoms were bone changes - 66.7%. In 19.6% of cases, the bone changes were the only specific clinical signs. The skin and mucous membranes observed in 37.3%: syphilitic pemphigus - 27.5%, infiltration of the palms and soles with desquamation krupnoplastinchatym - 7.8%, roseola - 5.9%, rhinitis - 7.8%.

Changes in the internal organs was found in 68.6%, hepatomegaly - 60.8%, hepatitis - 9.8%, splenomegaly - 39.2%, myocarditis - 2%, pneumonia - 5.9% and nephritis- 3 9%.

Damage of nervous system (specific meningitis) registered at 23.5% that is every 4th child.

All children had a hypoxic-ischemic damage of central nervous system with syndromes of depression and agitation, psychomotor retardation, perinatal encephalopathy.

Almost all of them had immaturity of the functional-and-morphological systems (lengthening period of neonatal jaundice, syndrome of respiratory disorders and nervous regulation).

Thus the syphilis infection in pregnancy increases the risk of developing specific and non-specific disorders in formation of bodies and systems of a foetus.

Moscow Center uses obtained analytical data for planning preventive measures in this target group.

  • clinical symptoms
  • congenital syphilis
  • prevention KL01,

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