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P3.375 Effective Use of Mobile Phones in HIV Prevention in Uganda
  1. C O Wanyana,
  2. S Nambafu,
  3. E Musoke Seruma,
  4. D Mpiima
  1. The AIDS Support Organization(TASO) Uganda Limited, Jinja, Uganda


Background Uganda currently has a population of about 7 million people who own mobile phones.

There is always a challenge of reaching out to big populations of people with HIV prevention services.

Mobile phone usage is sited as one of the effective tools in reducing costs and improving efficiency in reaching out to people who need HIV prevention services.

Program Description The Aids Support Organization (TASO) Uganda Limited, uses mobile phones to follow up their clients on HIV treatment, management and for planning psychosocial support visits to client’s family.

Partnerships with Media Telecom companies to send bulk or group SMS massages like reminders of wedding meetings sent to very many different people at the same time and less costs.

Lessons learnt It’s cost effective to use mobile phones to reach a big numbers of people in the community for HIV prevention

Conclusion Effective partnership with Telecom companies will improve on reaching out to mobile users in HIV prevention. TASO to continue using mobile phones to improve on their community programmes.

  • Mobile Phone use
  • prevention KL01,

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