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P3.388 Sexual Violence and HIV/STIs in Girls and Young Women: Trends and Association in South Western, Nigeria
  1. N N M Otuonye,
  2. I R Onwuatuelo,
  3. C K Onwuamah,
  4. J O Okwuzu,
  5. A K Adeneye,
  6. C T Oparaugo,
  7. A A Adesesan
  1. Nigerian Institute of Medical Research, Yaba, Lagos, Nigeria


Sexual violence put girls and young women at risk of long- lasting consequences in their reproductive health. The study focused on the trend of sexual violence and its’ association with STIs/HIV amongst girls and young women in Western, Nigeria.

Data was obtained from in and out school girls and young women aged one to twenty eight years, using a cross sectional study design. Four hundred respondents were randomly selected and individually interviewed using a structured administered questionnaire which examined demographics, types of sexual violence, cases reported to authorities and infections with STIs/HIV. These were collated and analysed using EPI INFO two thousand and two.

Out of four hundred respondents, sexual violence cases were reported from three hundred and eighty nine, ninety seven percent respondents out of which rape and Incest accounted for thirty three percent and fourteen percent respectively. Out of these forty seven percent respondents, thirty two of them reported being infected with HIV and other STIs. HIV/STIs among those who had incest and were raped were significantly associated with sexual violence. Other sexual practises were significantly associated with sexual violence. Fathers and neighbours were the most prevalent perpetrators of sexual violence in girls and young women.

Conclusions The study indicated a significant trend in sexual violence over time. Sexual violence within age bracket one to ten is on the increase while ages greater than twenty eight are on the decline. The study also suggests that sexual violence is one of the factors that increase the acquisition of HIV/STIs in girls and young women. Regular surveys would help in developing new strategies for control and prevention of sexual violence in girls and young women in Lagos Nigeria

  • Girls and Young women
  • HIV/STIs
  • Sexual violence

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