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P3.390 Factors Predicting Attitude of First Year University Students Towards STI and HIV in Ogun State, Nigeria
  1. O A Adekeye
  1. Covenant University, Ota, Nigeria


Background Sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and Human immunodeficiency virus and acquired immune-deficiency syndrome (HIV/AIDS) are global problems and currently over 100 million STIs occur each year in people within the 15–24 age bracket. Young people between ages 15 and 24 also account for more than fifty (50) percent of all HIV infections throughout the world.

Methods A survey research questionnaire made up of three trajectories including sexual behaviour scale, attitude towards STI/HIV/AIDS scale and knowledge of STI/HIV/AIDS scale was used in this study (n = 226, mean = 18.3years). The study made use of frequency counts, percentage and regression analysis. The SPSS software was used to analyse the data.

Results The study indicates a fairly high knowledge level of STI/HIV (89.4%) with more males (87%) and younger participants (88%) possessing good knowledge of STI/HIV. Majority of the participants are sexually active (63.3%) and of this are more males (61.3%) and younger participants (60%). Findings show that age (β = 0.025; t = 0.04; p > 0.05) of the three predictor variables was not a predictor of attitude towards STI/HIV. However, knowledge of STI/HIV (β = 0.459; t = 5.032; p < 0.05) and sexual behaviour (β = 0.341; t = 4.278; p < 0.05) were strong predictors of attitude towards STI/HIV.

Conclusion This study shows the need for strong advocacy, enlightenment and community mobilisation for improved awareness of STI/HIV. Local, community and religious leaders, including youth leaders should be incorporated into the drive to increase awareness and knowledge of STI/HIV/AIDS among young people in Nigeria.

  • Attitude
  • Sexual Behaviour
  • STI/HIV knowledge

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