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P3.406 Condom Use Trends Among Female Sex Workers in VICITS STI Clinics in Honduras
  1. N Artiles1,
  2. N Farach2,
  3. F Flores1,
  4. M Urquía3,
  5. F Tinajeros1
  1. 1TEPHINET, Tegucigalpa, Honduras
  2. 2CDC/CAR, Tegucigalpa, Honduras
  3. 3Ministerio de Salud, Tegucigalpa, Honduras


Background Implementation of sentinel surveillance for monitoring sexually transmitted infections (VICITS) among female sex workers (FSW) in Honduras began in March 2006 in Tegucigalpa, San Pedro Sula and La Ceiba. VICITS is based on three pillars: STI diagnosis and treatment, condom use promotion and HIV testing and counselling.

Methods Patients at least 18 years of age who attended any of the three VICITS clinics in Honduras from 2006 to 2012 (n = 4730) were included. Bivariate analysis of an open cohort of FSW from three VICITS clinics was performed using Epi Info 7. We analysed trends in condom use by partner type comparing the first to the third visit.

Results Reported condom use with clients in Tegucigalpa increased from 93.1% (N = 627) in the first visit to 98.1% (N = 322) in the third visit (p = 0.001), in San Pedro Sula from 88.4% (N = 980) to 97.4% (N = 422) (p < 0.001) and in La Ceiba from 93.1 (N = 404) to 98.2% (N = 114) (p > 0.001). Reported condom use with stable partners in the last 12 months was considerably lower, at 12.2% (N = 98), 34.6% (N = 130) and 26.7% (N = 15) in 2012. No statistically significant change in condom use at last sex with casual partners between the first and third visit was observed. Reported condom use at the third visit was 28.1% (N = 57) in Tegucigalpa, 66.7% (N = 33) in La Ceiba and 75.9% (N = 108) in San Pedro Sula.

Conclusions We observed a significant increase in condom use with clients of FSW in San Pedro Sula and moderate increase in Tegucigalpa and in La Ceiba (not significantly). Condom use with casual and stable partners remains persistently low and should be the focus of behaviour change interventions to increase condom use with casual and stable partners, both during counselling session in VICITS clinics as well as NGO-based outreach activities.

  • condom use
  • female sex workers
  • Sentinel surveillance

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