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P3.416 Health Care Seeking Behaviour Among Male Sex Workers in Some Selected Areas
  1. M Karim1,1,
  2. N Mona2
  1. 1National Institute of Preventive and Social Medicine (NIPSOM), Dhaka, Bangladesh
  2. 2Bangladesh Medical college, Dhaka, Bangladesh


Background Male to male sex in Dhaka is fairly widespread and men who make up this group are considered to be vulnerable to contracting and transmitting HIV and other sexually transmitted infections. Men who have unprotected sex with sex workers are at risk not just of contracting HIV and STIs, but of passing them on to their wives and girlfriends.

Methods Cross sectional study was conducted among male sex workers with the objective of assessing their health seeking behaviour. Total 322 sex workers were interviewed by using structured questionnaires.

Results Study revealed that most of the sex workers were young age. Regarding knowledge on how to protect from getting infected with STIs, 90% respondents had knowledge that STIs can prevented by use condom during sex, 12% said washing of genitalia with disinfectants after sex, 12% said by washing with after sex. Regarding STIs majority of the respondents (47%) perceived that they were at medium risk of getting infected with STIs, 23% reported at low risk, 13% reported at high risk and 6% reported that they were not at all in risk of getting infected with STIs, 12% respondents thought that they have no idea regarding the risk. Among the respondents 83.3%suffered ever out of which 66.4% respondents suffered from STIs once, 27% twice, 4% thrice and 4% more than thrice in the last three months. Thirty seven percent respondents received treatment from NGO clinic, 23% from MBBS doctor, 17.33% from government hospital, 13.33% did self medication, 6% received treatment from homiopath, 9% received treatment from kabiraj and 2% of the respondents did not seek any treatment.

Conclusion It was evident that the knowledge of prevention and treatment measures among the male sex workers was inadequate. HIV/STIs campaigns need to improve the sex workers awareness and treatment seeking behaviour for STIs.

  • age
  • Sex
  • treatment received

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