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P4.002 Major Barriers to Condom Use Among Clients Receiving Counselling on Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STIs) Prevention -The AIDS Support Organization (TASO) Operational Research Findings, a National NGO in Uganda
  1. D Mpiima1,2,
  2. E Tayebwakushaba1,
  3. R Makabayi1,3,
  4. C Luzze1,3,
  5. J Birungi1,4
  1. 1The AIDS Support Organization, Kampla, Uganda
  2. 2International Health Sciences University, Kampala, Uganda
  3. 3Makerere University, Kampala, Uganda
  4. 4University of Manchester, Manchester, UK


Background HIV/AIDS is most common among those in longstanding stable relationships, where condom use would play preventive role on transmission of sexually transmitted infections (STIs). A study to assess STIs programme successes and major barriers to condom use among clients receiving routine counselling on STI prevention was conducted.

Methods The study was cross-sectional by design, using retrospective electronic data base review on all sexually active clients who had received at least one counselling session in the last six months by end of 31/02/2012.

Results A total of 3509 clients were sexually active, 37% were males, 1582 (45%) received counselling on STI prevention; only 36% were males. Of those counselled on STIs, 1081(68%) disclosed HIV status to partners with 60% females, 350 (22%) diagnosed and treated of STIs with 11% males and only 512(32%) reported condoms use, with 39% males.

Major barriers to condom use546 (34%) did not use condoms, of which 297 (54%), partner refused condoms, 148(27%) were faithful to their partners and only 73(13%) reported religion as a barrier. Type of partner reporting barriers to condom use; 404(76%) spouse, 93(17%) steady, 49 (7%) casual.

Conclusions Being a spouse and faithfulness to the partner are major barriers to condom use as key STI prevention measure. People in spouse and steady partners are less likely to use condoms as opposed to those in casual sex partners. Regular counselling is a strong pillar for STI prevention, treatment success and enhancement of partner disclosure.

  • Barriers
  • condom
  • use

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