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P4.023 Factors Contributing to HIV Seroconversion Among Women in Primary Relationships in Uganda - The Women’s Perspective
  1. B Mpairwe
  1. Joint Clinical Research Centre, Kampala, Uganda


Background This study describes the existing socio-economic and behavioural factors that contributed to the risk of HIV seroconversion among women in the HC-HIV study in Uganda.

Methods It was a descriptive cross sectional study looking at socio-economic and behavioural factors that contributed to HIV seroconversion among women. The study used both qualitative and quantitative data collection methods.

Results Almost a third of these women had separated within six months to seroconversion. Twenty nine women (30.21%, n = 96) seroconverted after separating and picking on a new sexual partner within six months to seroconversion. Polygamy accounted for almost a third (31.25%) of marriages. In total (42.71%, n = 96) of the women reported having multiple sexual partners at the time of seroconversion. Twenty three women said that existing financial pressures influenced their decisions on how to get additional financial support and (73.91%, n = 23) of these women say they picked on a new sexual partner for financial support. Having more than one sexual partner, mean age 25 yrs (Standard deviation 5.02), having one sexual partner, mean age 28yrs (Standard deviation 5.60). P = 0.0043. A third of women with no education had more than one sexual partner, 57.78% for those with primary education, 30% for those with secondary education and 25% for those with tertially education. P = 0.035. Women not employed and were housewives were 51% less likely to have multiple sexual partners (OR 0.5101449, CI 0.1911013 – 1.323363, P = 0.139).

Conclusions There was a close relationship and inter linkage between the factors. In low income countries like Uganda, where education and economic empowerment is still low, and financial as well as cultural dependence of women on their partners is the norm, some women would rather risk seroconverion than loose their only available socio-economic security/their spouses.

  • Primary Relationships
  • women

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