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P4.042 Ignorance! Major Cause of Advanced Form of Genital Warts Clinical Presentation in Kumasi Ghana
  1. T Agyarko-Poku1,
  2. Y Adu Sarkodie2,
  3. L Atakorah-Yeboah3
  1. 1Suntreso Government Hospital, Ghana Health Services, Kumasi, Ghana
  2. 2School of Medical Sciences, Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Kumasi, Ghana
  3. 3Catholic University College, Fiapre, Sunyani, Ghana


Background Genital Wart is the most common clinical manifestation of genital Human papilloma virus infection. Early reporting of genital warts is the key to successful management. Presentation of more cases of an advanced form of genital warts to at Suntreso Sexually Transmitted Infection (STI) Clinic in Kumasi Ghana prompted this study to determine the possible reasons for the late reportage of genital warts conditions.

Methods 431 patients made up of 55.5% (239/431) females (F) and 44.5% (192/431) Males (M) who reported with an advanced form of genital warts- defined as warts affected more than one third of the external genital namely, vulva, vagina, peri-anal, penis and scrotum areas, with or without ulcerations- who consented to participate, were recruited for the cross sectional study. Participants were interviewed using structured questionnaire. Socoidemographic information was gathered. Data was analysed using SPSS 16.

Results 7.5% correctly mentioned that its genital warts (32/431; M- 9.9%,19/192: F- 5.4%). 46.1% identified their condition as rashes (M-44.8%, F- 46.4%), 11.9% as said its cancer (M- 7.8%, F-15.1), 14.6% as swelling (M-12.0%,F- 16.7%) while 19.9% had no idea about what is happening to their body (M- 12.5%, F- 25.5%).Of the 42 respondents who have had tertiary education only 5 (11.7%) could identify correctly genital warts.

Conclusion Very few people could identify genital warts showing a deficit in knowledge on genital warts among the population. The situation is not limited to only people with no formal education. Lack of knowledge on genital wart may be a precipitating factor in the delay reportage of cases. How patients perceived the causes of their conditions determines where and when to seek medical care in the era of medical plurarism. There is the need to step up education on genital warts among the population in Ghana.

  • Advanced presentation
  • Genital Warts
  • Ignorance

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