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P4.099 Development of Training Modules to Address Health Worker Stigma and Discrimination Against MSMs and Transgenders in Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines and Timor Leste- The ISEAN-Hivos Program Approach
  1. L P Norella
  1. ISEAN Hivos Program, Jakarta, Indonesia


Background The ISEAN-Hivos Program is a Regional Global Fund Program that focuses on reducing the vulnerability and risks of MSM and TG to HIV infection in Insular Southeast Asia. The Program also intends to address critical gaps in supporting and scaling up activities that reduce HIV/AIDS among MSMs and TGs. One of the key strategies of the Program is the development and implementation of training modules that address stigma and discrimination among health workers when they provide clinical and related services to MSMs and TGs, particularly in Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines and Timor Leste. This study describes the strategy used by the ISEAN-Hivos Program towards achieving this goal.

Methods Based on strategy evaluations, it was deemed that the modules need to include clinical skills training for the health workers, as a springboard towards changing their negative attitudes about their MSM and TG clients.

Results Key initial findings while preparing the modules include the following:

  1. There is a need to engage country-recognised “experts” that can provide the trainings.

  2. There is a need to engage the Ministries of health in the four countries to enable the module to be used as well by health care workers in public settings.

  3. The modules must be flexible enough to be able to be tailored in terms of content, length of training and level of skills or knowledge required, depending on the needs of the targeted health care workers’ contexts.

Conclusion The findings from the initial strategic evaluation of the approach used in the development of training modules that address healthcare workers’ stigma and discrimination against MSM and TGs who seek STI-HIV-related services support a multi-agency approach working at a regional level. The modules will then be translated into local languages for ease of use among the target training participants.

  • Healthcare workers
  • Stigma

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