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P4.105 Intergrating HIV Counselling and Testing Activities with STI Services Increases Acess and Utilisation to HIV/AIDS Care and Support Services
  1. P Ndawula,
  2. J Ggita,
  3. S C Nanziri,
  4. S Kabwigu,
  5. S A Nanyonga,
  6. H S Luwuge,
  7. T Nakyanzi,
  8. D Kemigisha
  1. Makerere university-Johnhopkins university research collaboration, Kampala, Uganda


Background STIs and HIV are both mainly sexually transmitted. They share the same behaviour and sexual risk factors. Studies have shown that STDs enhance the sexual transmission of HIV and on the other hand.HIV/AIDS alters the clinical course of most STIs and related complications have consistently ranked among the leading causes of outpatient consultations in public health facilities accounting for about 20% of adult out patients’ consultations. Health workers have continued to manage STD patients at all levels without referring them for an HIV test. Those referrals that do take place are often undocumented, because many health workers do not feel confident enough to discuss HIV/AIDS with their clients and may not see the importance of linking the two together. Description: MU-JHU supported HIV interventions in19 central districts of Uganda. It contributed as a partner to MOH review of existing STD training guidelines and treatment algonthms. The revised materials emphasise the relationship between HIV and other STIs and the importance of having health workers counsel their STD patients and their sexual partners on the need for an HIV test. MU-JHU supported districts health workers by training them.

Results Between July 2010 and Dec 2011 over 350 health workers in 19 central districts were trained in syndromic management of STDs with an emphasis an counselling patients and referring them for HIV testing. Over 17,613 clients with STDs have since undergone HIV testing in those facilities; over 18,000 clients with STDs have been referred for HIV testing to outside facilities that did not have testing services. HIV rates in STD patients overage 18%.

Conclution Operational level health workers handling STD patients need basic counselling training to discuss HIV/AIDS with their clients. Targeting STD patients for routine HIV counselling and testing this is essential to reach more people infected with HIV.

  • intergrating STI and counselling services

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