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P4.116 The Efficiency of the Model «Peer Driven Intervention» Among the Women of Commercial Sex and Positive Experience of Realization of the Project on the HIV Prevention by the Model of «PDI» in Crimea
  1. S R Kucherova
  1. Charitable Foundation, Simferopol, Ukraine


By the CF «Hope and rescue» in Simferopol in 2010 was realised one of the first projects in the world-the pilot project on the HIV prevention among the women of commercial sex (WCS) with the help of the model «Peer Driven Intervention».

Primary purpose of this intervention was involving of new clients especially from priority difficult of access groups, providing the clients with new and comprehensive knowledge’s on the HIV, STD prevention and less risky sexual behaviour.

Introduction of the project on HIV prevention among WCS by a model «PDI» was very urgent for the region because the majority of the WCS are part of the so-called «closed group». It is very difficult to involve these women in participating of the projects on HIV and STD prevention, overcome services of the programme «Harm reduction».

The women of commercial sex, which were not the clients of the project «Harm reduction», were the target group of the project. The priority group included women of commercial sex at the age to 25 years inclusive.

The peculiarity of the model «PDI» consisted in that every participant of the project got the possibility to take part independently in measures on prevention in their own community. In the project women are interviewed, taught and get preventive services. Model «PDI» provides a motivational gift for every client for passing of the interview, nominal money fee for involving of WCS from a priority group and gifts for the successful teaching of WCS from their community.

With the help of the project we managed to involve 544 clients which later became the clients of the project «Harm reduction». Together with active participating of WCS in the preventive programmes the very important result of the project revealed in a changing of the behaviour for less risky.

  • HIV Prevention
  • intervention
  • WCS

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