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P4.124 STI and Local Regulation
  1. S Warsono
  1. National AIDS Commission, Jakarta, Indonesia


Mimika is one of the districts in the province of Papua, Indonesia. Based on mapping result, the number of sex workers in district of Mimika is 480 people. Unsafe sexual behaviour has led to a high number of HIV cases in Mimika district. To prevent HIV transmission, local governments has open an STI clinic services. However, the number of STI between the sex workers remain high. In 2008, the total number of visits to the STI clinic is 2810. Of this amount, 616 are positive for STI. In 2009, the total number of visits to the STI clinic is 1550 visits with 531 positive STI cases. While in 2010, the number of visits is 2576 and found 731 cases. On the other hand, AIDS prevention regulations have been made and passed in 2007. One of the contents of these regulations is how to cope with STI by giving penalties for pimps whose sex workers are found to be positive for STI. Looking at the condition, the local government formed a team Chaired by District AIDS Commission to implement the aforesaid local regulation and to do monitoring to its result. The team routinely perform STI test to all sex workers in the site. Should the sex worker is found positive for STI, the penalty is given immediately to the pimp. And if the pimp refuse to pay, then the business site will be closed temporarily until the pimp paid the fine as mandated by the new law. Once the regulation is enforced, there are apparent positive results. In January-March 2012, there were 621 visits to the clinis with only 10 cases of STI. This number is highly significant compared to the STI cases in 2008 and 2010. Thus, local regulation is highly effective in suppressing STI to the sex workers.

  • Local regulation
  • STI

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