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P5.003 Acceptance of an Online Partner Notification Tool For STI, Called Suggest-A-Test
  1. M S van Rooijen1,
  2. P Vriens2,
  3. H Gotz2,3,
  4. T Heijman1,
  5. H Voeten2,3,
  6. R Koekenbier1
  1. 1Cluster of Infectious Disease, Municipal Public Health Service Amsterdam, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  2. 2Department Infectious Disease Control, Public Health Service Rotterdam-Rijnmond, Rotterdam, The Netherlands
  3. 3Department of Public Health, Erasmus MC, Rotterdam, The Netherlands


Background Partner notification (PN) is effective in early detection and treatment of STI. After counselling internet-based PN might be an additional tool in stimulating STI positive clients to notify partners. In this study we evaluate the acceptance of an internet-based application, (SAT).

Methods To notify, an index has to login using a nurse-generated code. Notifications to the partner can be sent by email, text message, postal letter or gay dating site. The partner receives a message with a unique code and has to login on the site to see the notified infection. Based on this message including code, the client is tested and treated at the STI clinic.

SAT was piloted in STI clinics in Rotterdam and Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Questionnaire data were collected online for index clients and on paper at the STI clinics for partners notified through SAT.

Results In 8 months 55 index clients completed the questionnaire (16.9%). Using internet for PN is experienced as confidential and safe by 67% (37/55); 87.3% (48/55) of clients find online PN easy. 85% (47/55) find SAT an acceptable tool to notify for STI, compared to only 45% (25/55) for HIV. 82% (45/55) would like being notified themselves by SAT.

43 of the 1,123 partners who were notified by SAT completed a questionnaire (3.8%) upon presenting at the clinic. 91% (39/43) find it useful and 88% (38/43) find it acceptable that the STI clinic offers SAT. 88% (38/43) and 53% (23/43) find it acceptable to use SAT to notify for STI and HIV, respectively.

Discussion These preliminary data show that index patients and partners find it acceptable to use SAT to notify for STI, but they are less favourable to use SAT to notify for HIV.

Data collection is still ongoing; updated data will be presented at the ISSTDR.

  • online
  • Partner Notification
  • user experience

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