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P5.043 Early Evaluation of the ISEAN Hivos Program’s HIV-AIDS BCC Online Initiative For MSM and TG Communities in South East Asia
  1. A Lesmana
  1. Hivos, Jakarta, Indonesia


Online BCC Outreach Intervention was developed by the ISEAN Hivos Program to reach the hidden MSMs and TGs populations in Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines and Timor Leste. The initiative features a specially-designed website that provides videos, text information and learning evaluations in both English and selected local languages. The website’s programme has the capacity to generate unified identification codes for the site’s visitors based on a registry system linked to his/her email address, facebook account or twitter. After viewing the videos or reading the texts, a short quiz is provided with “successful reach” defined as getting four out of six questions correctly.

Within the initial launch of the website, inputs and feedback were gathered from local partners and end-users through email exchanges.

The early implementation of the online BCC outreach is effective in reaching local MSM and TG populations that are often difficult to reach using offline outreach. Initial observations include;

  1. The online videos are sometimes difficult to access due to limited internet bandwidth;

  2. Users are reluctant to log in since registration by email or by social media account is needed;

  3. Concerns about the accent of the video voice-overs as well as the appropriateness of images used in the videos.

Recommendations by end-users include 1. Providing localised websites for better access, 2. Uploading the videos in youtube to allow access without registration; 3. Creation of a promotional video; 4. Coming up with electronic raffles and other rewards to promote access.

The ISEAN Hivos Program’s BCC online intervention for HIV-AIDS targeting MSM and TGs in South East Asia showed initial positive results. Areas for improvement were identified which will guide the site’s continuous re-development. This experience provides lessons on how effective HIV-AIDS-related messages can spread en-masse to otherwise “hidden” but ”most-at-risk populations” at a regional Asian context, by the use of ICT.

  • BCC
  • MSM and TG
  • online

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