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P5.053 Challenges in Developing Social Media and Web-Based Communication Tools For HIV-AIDS and STI Intervention For MSM and Transgender Communities in Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines and Timor Leste
  1. R D Nasution
  1. SatuDunia, Jakarta, Indonesia


Background The ISEAN-Hivos Program is a Global Fund HIV-Community Systems Strengthening Program focused on MSMs and Transgenders (TG). It aims to provide information and capacity building to local MSM and TG communities in four countries, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines and Timor Leste. The Program acknowledges the importance of web-based and social media interventions to access the hidden and difficult to reach populations of MSMs and TGs. Baseline studies have shown the MSM and TGs in the region have turned to online media to socialise and network. This ironically increases their vulnerability to HIV-AIDS and STI due to easier “sexual networking”.

Methods Two social networks, PlaySafe and Peer Support network are created to raise awareness about HIV-AIDS and STI to MSM and TG, and People living with HIV/AIDS. A web-base BCC online is developed to provide information and ‘lectures’ through videos, including: Basic Information on HIV-AIDS, MSM and TG Human Rights and Access to HIV and STI Services. The knowledge hub is developed to open access to papers, studies, advocacy works and references for public.

Results Concerns over the registration system and client coding were noted, as well as the mechanism for which site users are to identify themselves whether they are MSM or TG Suggestions were also made to use local images in the videos for local communities. Comments on the websites functionalities include creating links to other websites, improving internal consistencies and process of providing feedback on the online post-tests.

Conclusions Creating on-line interventions are indeed essential in reaching out to hidden populations like MSM and TGs. Development of these tools needs to be appropriated and aligned with campaign and communication strategy, learning strategy, networking strategy; and the on-line behaviour of specific target MSM and TGs communities in each country, while maintaining the regional perspectives.

  • Information
  • Communication and technologies
  • MSM and Transgender
  • web-based and social media

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