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P6.001 Facing the Future Together: Embodying Appreciative Inquiry and Staff Engagement in Planning Change in Sexual Health Services in Glasgow, Scotland, UK
  1. R Ilett1,2
  1. 1Sandyford Sexual Health Services, Glasgow, UK
  2. 2University of Glasgow, Glasgow, UK


Background After 12 years of activity the integrated sexual health service in Glasgow, Scotland begun to plan for the future. The service’s evolution from previously separate units improved access to sexual health care, however, maintaining and growing innovative services had become challenging, with restricted resources and staffing, and complex client demand. The service now has 20 sites, 250 clinical, support and management staff and sees 100, 000 clients annually.

When its manager returned from another role, the service started to consider its future delivery model. This paper sets out the methodology based around appreciative inquiry and staff engagement, and includes feedback from staff about its impact on them and the organisation.

Methods The process began in June 2012 with a Planning Day for senior staff which agreed a timetable, identified staff and others to involve; scoped essential areas such as public engagement, consultation, communication, and evidence like population projections and service data, and agreed a shared vision. Personal narratives and goals were shared to shape the vision and to acknowledge the past. A multi-disciplinary Steering Group was then established to participate in planning and decision-making, with a Staff Council arising through staff interest - both now with significant roles. Regular staff communications and large engagement events have also helped strengthen plans and organisational structures.

Results The service’s future vision for developing sexual health services acknowledges its history and proposes clear objectives that re-iterate a commitment to addressing inequalities and to proportionate universalism. This has been achieved in an inclusive manner that has empowered staff across the organisation and included their views and ideas.

Summary This paper describes a systematic approach to engaging with a large and diverse staff group through appreciative inquiry and other methods to improve the sexual health services in the Glasgow area of Scotland.

  • appreciate enquiry
  • organisational change
  • sexual health services

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