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P6.030 Physical Exercises For People Living with HIV and AIDS (PLHIV): Brazilian Policy For Positive Prevention in the Public Health System
  1. K C Abreu,
  2. M A Freitas
  1. Ministry of Health of Brazil, Brasília, Brazil


Background Physical exercise strategies were included in Brazilian AIDS Program actions on positive prevention for PLHIV in 2010, to prevent side effects and improve adherence. A multiprofessional working group elaborated recommendations, specially addressed to physical educators, physiotherapists and other health workers. In 2012, the MOH published the “Guidelines on physical exercises for PLHIV” and ran out a pilot training project in two state capitals, Recife and Belo Horizonte, for training physical educators from public health gyms, named Health Academies Program. In Recife there are 27 gyms and in Belo Horizonte, 52.

Methods The pilot training project was based on four workshops with two parts of 8 hours each. The first module included general AIDS information on transmission, stigma, prejudice and diversity. The second one approached AIDS clinical evolution, treatment and side effects aiming on specific indications for exercise practises for PLHIV in the prevention of cardiovascular diseases, osteoporosis, and diabetes, lipodystrophy, based on the “Guidelines for physical exercises for PLHIV”.

Results The pilot project qualified 106 professionals in Recife and 160 in Belo Horizonte, who run 79 gyms from Health Academies Program. This study showed a low level of knowledge in relation to different aspects of HIV/AIDS and that the information provided was extremely useful to improve their daily work at the gyms with PLHIV. Patients are also being stimulated by Aids Services to exercise at those gyms. In Recife, around 5.000 PLHIV can benefit of this free of charge facilities. In Belo Horizonte is over 6.500 persons.

Conclusion The training project for health professionals on physical exercise for PLHIV showed very positive results towards the increment of knowledge on technical and subjective aspects, which encourage the Brazilian AIDS Program to expand the workshops to other six capitals where Health Academies Program is well established in public health facilities.

  • Physical exercises for people living with HIV and

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