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P6.051 Cost-Effectiveness of the Complex HIV Programme Among the Injecting Drug Users (IDU) in the City of Barnaul, Altai Territory, Russia
  1. E Demyanenko,
  2. N Vagaitseva
  1. NGO “AntiAIDS-Siberia”, Barnaul, Russian Federation


Background In 2011 the NGO “AntiAIDS-Siberia” estimated the cost-effectiveness of the complex HIV programme among the IDU in Barnaul.


  • to assess the prevalence of HIV, HCV, related risk behaviour among the PP clients and comparison group;

  • to assess and compare the cost of PP, ART and HCV treatment.


  • descriptive and analytical method of epidemiological analysis of HIV sickness rate;

  • bio-behavioural survey among the IDU in Barnaul, 2011;

  • mathematical analysis of HIV treatment costs in compliance with the standards.

Results Different preventive components such as voluntary counselling and testing, social and medical support of the IDU, condom and injecting equipment distribution and safe skills building have been implemented in Barnaul. The average cost of HIV-prevention programme among the IDU in Barnaul is $35000 per year. At the average 1500 IDU are covered by PP per year, so the average expenditure for PP is $23 per 1 client. Average annual cost of ART per patient is $11356, cost of HCV treatment (Pegasys + Ribavirin) - $19000.

According to the results of bio-behavioural survey 3 out of 150 PP clients are HIV positive (2%), 121 (80.7%) have HCV. In comparison group 31 out of 150 have HIV (20.7%), 130 (86.7%) have HCV. If we extrapolate from the data to all IDU covered by PP in 2011, we can conclude that PP help to prevent 280 IDU from infecting HIV and HCV. It saves $3000000 per year in the budget, which are needed to provide ART and HC treatment. At an average 1 HIV IDU infects 4 partners during a year. Prevention of 1120 cases saves $3000000 per year in the budget which is needed to provide ART.

Conclusion Preventive programmes cost the government much lower than HIV and HCV treatment and can be considered rather effective.

  • cost-effectiveness
  • IDU
  • prevention KL01,

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