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P6.052 Integrating Family Planning Services into HIV Comprehensive Care and Treatment Clinics: A Case of the AIDS Support Organization (TASO) Tororo
  1. S Okoboi,
  2. L Namwanje,
  3. R Oceng
  1. The AIDS Support Organization, Tororo, Uganda


Issue: More than 1.4 million women in Uganda report wanting to delay pregnancy, space their children, or stop childbearing altogether but that they are not currently using any contraceptive method. In late 2010, TASO integrated family planning services into its routine comprehensive HIV care clinics with aim of making FP services accessible, prevention of unintended pregnancies and reduction of mother to child transmission.

Description The intervention consisted of continuous sensitization meetings with staff and clients to explain the new intervention and ask for support. TASO staff identified the integration of condoms, oral, emergency contraceptive pills, injectable contraceptives and inplants as a feasible beginning for on-site FP services. Clients interested in IUD and permanent methods were referred to Tororo Hospital’s FP clinic. Developed plans for integration including, how to obtain commodities, and triplicate referrals system

Results Overall, the frequency of modern method use among female clients increased from 6% in Ist quarter to 28% 2nd quarter to 41% 3rd quarter and finally to 49% in 4th quarter of 2011. Condom use increased from 8% to 80%. A 2012 staff evaluation showed that the majority of providers (92%) and clients (97%) felt that adding FP did not affect the quality of providing care and treatment services, and that the level of integration was appropriate and cost-effective, added the benefits of reducing unintended pregnancy, reducing mother-to-child transmission of HIV, improving ease in talking about sex and fertility desires with clients, strengthened staff skills. Follow-up of clients using FP services offered an additional opportunity for adherence counselling.

Next step: Incorporating family planning (FP) into HIV care and treatment services is a promising model for integrating FP and HIV services in clinics with existing strong systems to accommodate added services.

  • care
  • treatment
  • Family planning
  • HIV KL01,

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