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P6.054 Condom and STI a Gaze Word - to Prevent STIS
  1. S M Alam
  1. Save the Children, Dhaka, Bangladesh


Background Bangladesh is culturally and religiously conservative. Condom use rate among the married couple is poor. Young people’s access to condom is restricted. The perception about condom use in Bangladeshi society is a barrier device to “sexual pleasure”. This pervasive claim of “reduced pleasure” is a diverse and complex phenomenon explored through men’s statements. Bangladesh has a low HIV prevalence rate with less than 0.1% in the general population, as there are no changes of HIV prevalence the surrogate markers of risk for active syphilis (unsafe sex) and antibodies of HCV - are of relevance. Among female sex workers HIV prevalence in different setting is < 1% except in one border town area.

Bangladesh had received 3 grants on HIV/AIDS from the Global Fund to fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria in Round 2 from 2004–2009, Round 6 from 2007–2012 and Rolling Continuation Channel (RCC) from 2009–2015 on prevention, care, and treatment for the MARP’s.

Methods Three surveys conducted Project baseline survey 2005, end line survey 2008 of Prevention of HIV/AIDS among young people in Bangladesh and Mid-Term Survey 2012 on RCC Program Expanding HIV/AIDS Prevention in Bangladesh funded by the Global Fund.

Results Over the period % of young women and men aged 15–24 yrs who correctly identify at least two ways of preventing HIV transmission knowledge increased over the period 22.6% (2005); 43.8% (2008) and 84.8% (2012) however, % of female sex workers reporting the use of a condom with their most recent client (Street, Residence & Hotel) 66.7% (2006–2007) which is increased 95.5% (2012) in the mid-term survey of RCC programme.

Conclusion The strategic intervention of GFATM funded HIV programme in Bangladesh achieved the remarkable success.

  • condom
  • HIV
  • STI

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