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P6.056 Knowledge and Attitude in Relation to HIV/AIDS Among Nurses Working at Maternity Ward, BPKIHS, Nepal
  1. S Lama,
  2. K Vijayalakshmi,
  3. N Pokharel
  1. BP Koirala Institute of Health Sciences, Dharan, Nepal


Background People with HIV frequently encountered discrimination while seeking and receiving health care services. The knowledge and attitude of health care professionals influence the willingness and ability of people with HIV to access care and the quality of care they receive.

Aims To assess the HIV/Aids related knowledge and attitude among nurses working at maternity ward of BPKIHS.

Methods and Materials: A descriptive cross sectional study was conducted in maternity ward of B.P. Koirala Institute of Health Sciences. Purposive sampling technique was used for selection of samples. Data was collected from 56 nurses using pre designed, pre tested and self developed Performa. Data was analysed using descriptive statistics (frequency, percentage and mean) and inferential statistics (Spearman rho correlation test)

Results Regarding the overall knowledge, majority of the respondents (76.78%) had good knowledge; 23.21% had average knowledge and none of them had poor knowledge on HIV/AIDS. Total median score was 27, 25\32 in knowledge and attitude respectively. There was no correlation between knowledge and attitude (p > 0.05)

Conclusion It is essential for organising continuous in service education to get informed the nurses so as to create awareness especially on PMTCT concepts and refer, guide and intervene the women living with HIV/AIDS to avail the PMTCT services and influence the nurses to develop positive attitude the people living with HIV/AIDS.

  • Attitude
  • Knowledge

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