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P6.067 Five Year Survival of Adult HIV-Infected Patients Initiated on HAART at the AIDS Support Organisation(TASO), Uganda
  1. L Ssali,
  2. F Wasagaami,
  3. J Birungi,
  4. C Bakanda
  1. The AIDS Support Organization, TASO, Kampala, Uganda


Background The AIDS Support Organization (TASO) Antiretroviral Program was rolled out in November 2004. The study aimed to assess adherence status of adult patients surviving for 60 months after HAART initiation in a resource poor setting.

Methodology Retrospective cohort study of adult patients who initiated HAART 60 months prior to the date of data abstraction at TASO Soroti, Eastern Uganda. Participants included in the study were male and female adult (≥ 14 years) patients who initiated HAART at TASO Soroti (between 1st August 2005 to 31st March 2012). Since 2005 TASO Soroti has been providing HAART free of charge to patients either at World Health Organization (WHO) stage III or IV irrespective of CD4 cell count, or at any WHO stage with CD4 cell counts ≤ 350 cells/µl.

Results Of the 4827 adults patients included in the analysis, 32.1% were male and the median age was 43 years. 67.9% were female and the median age was 41 years. 94.9% of patient were HAART naïve, 5.1% were transfer in. 3913(81.1%) of 4827 patients were still on HAART after 5 years of follow-up. 18.9% difference is attributed to lost to follow-up, patient transferred out and reported deaths. Among the patients with adherence assessment reported, 96.6% of patients had adherence level > 95%, 1.5% had adherence level of 85%–95% and 1% had adherence < 85%. 74.5% patients received their HAART refills at the CDDP, 23.8% received refills at the facility, and 1.4% received refills at their homes.

Conclusions These positive results after 5 years of initiating HAART in patients with advanced HIV disease demonstrate efficacy of HAART in resource-limited settings. Additional support is required to ensure timely HAART among adults.

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  • Survival

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