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O09.5 Optimizing Care Efficiency at the STI Clinic: Using Chlamydia Home Collection Kits
  1. R Koekenbier,
  2. A Hendriks,
  3. M van Veen,
  4. P van Leeuwen
  1. Public Health Service Amsterdam, Amsterdam, The Netherlands


Background To study the efficiency of Chlamydia home collection kits for young people, in order to optimise care at the Amsterdam STI clinic.

Methods Since 2012, young people under the age of 25 with a low risk profile for STIs are only tested for Chlamydia. Tests for other STIs are indicated after testing Chlamydia positive. From September-November 2012, young people using the online intake were offered two different ways of Chlamydia testing: receiving a home collection kit, or coming to the clinic. The collection kit is send to the client by mail and is used to collect a swab or urine sample. This sample is send back to the laboratory for testing. The client can retrieve the results online by using the provided login.

Results In the study period, 523 online requests were done. Of these, 388 (74%) opted for the home collection kit and 135 (26%) preferred an appointment at the clinic. Of the requested kits, 86% were send back. All clients checked their test result online. Chlamydia was diagnosed in 5.5% of the clients receiving a home kit and in 2.9% of those tested at the clinic. Women were more likely to request a home collection kit (77% versus 60% of men, p < 0.001) as were young people aged 20–24 years (76% versus 64% aged < 20 years, p < 0.05). None of the Chlamydia-positive clients tested positive on the subsequent STI tests. Testing at the clinic takes three times more time of the nurse.

Conclusions Young people prefer a home collection kit to a test at the clinic. Furthermore, offering home collection kits is time and cost saving. Because clients who test negative are not seen at the clinic, more time is left for high-risk groups. In conclusion, Chlamydia home collection kits optimise care efficiency at the STI clinic.

  • care efficiency
  • chlamydia
  • home collection kit

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