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Hathorn E, Ward D, Goold P. Is test of cure necessary after doxyxcline therapy for rectal Chlamydia trachomatis infection? Sex Transm Infect 2015;91:A26

The figure given in the conclusion for the treatment failure rate of doxycycline for rectal CT at 19.2% is incorrect and refers instead to the proportion of positive test of cures that were attributed to treatment failure. It should read: “The treatment failure rate of doxycycline for rectal CT identified in this study was 0.9% compared with 0% that we had previously reported.” This alters the authors' recommendations to: “Our data does support the recommendation of preferential use of doxycycline over azithromycin for the treatment of rectal CT” and “these findings suggest that test of cure (TOC) does not need to be performed in patients treated for rectal CT with doxycycline”.

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