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P6 Love letters – the notification game
  1. Alex Shaw,
  2. Paul Thorne,
  3. Arnold Fernandes,
  4. Kate Horn
  1. Royal United Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, Bath, UK


Background In accordance with the national trend there was a perceived increased incidence of anogenital and pharyngeal gonorrhoea presenting to the sexual health (SH) department at a district general hospital (DGH) in the year March 2013–2014.

Aims and objectives To establish the incidence of gonorrhoea in our SH patient population (March 2013–2014). To ensure that the SH department was compliant with BASHH standards for the management of gonorrhoea.

Methods Retrospective audit of all confirmed cases of gonorrhoea presenting to SH at one DGH in the period March 2013–2014.

Results 79 patients were identified; all were audited. There was a high level of adherence to BASHH standards but concern regarding partner notification. Partner notification was initiated in 86% of cases, 95% were patient led. Patient led referral resulted in poor evidence of partner notification. 71% of all cases reported more than 1 sexual partner in the previous 3 months yet 57% of the total cases notified just 1 contact. 4 patients reported 10 or more contacts; only 1 patient was recorded as having notified 10 or more partners.

Discussion/conclusion Poor partner notification may be contributing to increasing gonorrhoea prevalence. It has been suggested that patients from different demographics may preferentially use different, specific communication methods for partner notification. By working with patients to individually tailor notification methods based on demographic background, notification rates may be improved. This is an approach under consideration by SH at this DGH.

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