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P9 Low false positive rate of gonorrhoea cases referred to gum from a low prevalence chlamydia screening population
  1. Agnieszka Tan1,
  2. Stephen Brolly1,
  3. Neil Howard2,
  4. Samir Dervisevic1,
  5. Jo Evans1
  1. 1Norfolk and Norwich University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, Norwich/Norfolk, UK
  2. 2Norfolk and Waveney Chlamydia Screening Programme, Norwich/Norfolk, UK


Background/introduction Recent national guidance for the detection of gonorrhoea (GC) has raised concerns that the majority of initial positive GC test results are likely to be false positives when a low prevalence population is screened using a nucleic acid amplification test (NAAT). Our local chlamydia screening programme uses a dual NAAT for chlamydia and GC and has a low reactive GC rate <1%. All GC reactive cases are referred to GUM for further investigation.

Aim(s)/objectives To determine whether GC reactive cases referred from our local chlamydia screening programme were true GC infections or likely to be false positive cases.

Methods A retrospective case notes review of 13 consecutive GC reactive cases seen at our clinic referred from the local chlamydia screening programme.

Results 10/13 were women. 10/13 cases were confirmed as true GC infections by positive genital GC cultures. In 1 case genital culture was negative but screening and supplementary NAAT with a different target confirmed a true GC infection. In 1 case genital cultures were negative however pharyngeal culture was positive indicating a true GC infection. In 1 case GC cultures were all negative but NAAT tests were reactive from genital and pharyngeal sites and equivocal from the rectum.

Discussion/conclusion Only 1/13 GC reactive cases seen in our GU referred from a low prevalence screening population might have been a false positive. Contrary to recent publications, in our area, using a dual NAAT is unlikely to lead to high numbers of false positive GC results.

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