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P12 Management of acute epididymo-orchitis: ad hoc or evidence based?
  1. Thomas Stonier,
  2. Philip Gardner,
  3. Rohit Srinivasan,
  4. David Curry,
  5. Paras Singh
  1. Royal Free Hospital, London, UK


Background/introduction A clear guideline exists for the management of acute epididymo-orchitis. Both the EAU and our local trust antibiotics guidelines state that patients aged 35 or younger, or those with suspected STI, be prescribed single dose ceftriaxone with a course of doxycycline; while patients over 35 receive ciprofloxacin. All patients should be investigated for an STI.

Aim(s)/objectives This study looks at how the guidelines are being implemented in the accident and emergency (A&E) department of a large teaching hospital.

Methods We reviewed the A&E notes of patients attending the department with suspected epididymo-orchitis between 1st May and 28th October 2014. 56 patients’ notes were scrutinised for a record of sexual history, investigations performed and final management.

Results Of the 56-patient study cohort, 20 were aged ≤35 years (median age 51; range 36–84 years) and 36 >35 years (median age 25; range 20–34 years). A sexual history was documented in 26 (46%) cases, with one patient tested for presence of STI and six (10%) advised to visit the GUM clinic. Antibiotics were prescribed for 55 patients; 28 (50%) received ciprofloxacin (mean age 53.5, range 21–91 years), two (aged 25 and 27 years) doxycycline, 13 (23%) both ciprofloxacin and doxycycline (mean age 36.5, range 20–63 years), and 12 (21%) received different antibiotics (mean age 50.8, range21–83 years). 17 patients (30%) were prescribed antibiotics correctly according to the guideline.

Discussion/conclusion Despite a robust and clear guideline on epididymo-orchitis our results show that antibiotic prescribing is often incorrect. Furthermore, the work-up for an STI as a cause of epididymo-orchitis is incomplete.

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