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P17 Enhanced sexual health services in community pharmacies – pilot
  1. Anthony Peacham,
  2. Merle Symonds
  1. Barts Health NHS Trust, London, UK


Background/introduction STI screening via community pharmacies (CPs) has traditionally been very low.

Aim(s)/objectives To increase STI screening in young people (15–24 years) in a London Borough with high rates of infection using a new self-test kit (testing for Chlamydia and Gonorrhoea (CT/GC), and HIV) alongside condom distribution via the pan-London condom scheme.

Methods Nine CPs were selected based on high rates of Emergency Contraception provision and condom distribution in 2013. Frontline staff were trained and care pathways established. Ongoing monthly support was provided by site-visit and phone. Results were notified by text. Positive results, partner notification and follow-up were managed by a Level 3 GUM clinic. Evaluation was by user/CP survey.


  • 8 CPs were active during the pilot which ran January–December 2014.

  • 214 self-test kits were distributed; 108 CT/GC tests and 96 HIV tests were returned/tested (return rates of 50.5% and 44.9% respectively). At the start 1 CP removed HIV tests from packs.

  • 4,476 condoms were distributed.

  • 7 Chlamydia positives were identified (positivity 6.5%).

  • Quarter 1 2014 saw a 700% increase in numbers of STI tests processed) in the 9 CPs compared to Quarter 3 2013 (pre-pilot levels). This significantly increased activity continued throughout 2014.

  • All users were very or quite satisfied with the service and were very or quite likely to use the service again.

  • 66% were very likely to recommend the service to others

Discussion/conclusion With adequate training and support, community pharmacies provide an engaged, accessible and convenient venue for STI testing (including HIV) and condom distribution.

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