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P71 Improving the pep experience for patients
  1. Sarah Mensforth,
  2. Lisa Goodall
  1. Stoke and Staffordshire Partnership Trust Sexual Health Department, Stoke on Trent, UK


Background/introduction BHIVA/BASHH have published guidelines with auditable outcomes for initiation of PEPSE and follow up. Some UK centres have, however, reported missing these targets.

Aim(s)/objectives To explore the patient journey from initiation of PEP to completion of follow-up and to identify areas for improvement within our service in supporting patients to take PEP.

Methods Each patient commencing or continuing PEP at our clinic between December 2013 and June 2014 was asked to take part in a survey regarding their experience with PEP. The survey included questions about adherence (motivations and barriers), clinic experience and follow up.

Results 31 patients took PEP during the study period, 26 patients participated in the study. Reasons for PEP included occupational exposure (n = 6), sexual assault (n = 9), and consensual sex (n = 11). 4 patients (15.3%) reported not completing the 28 day course of PEP. 9 (34.6%) and 8 patients (30.7%) reported late and missing doses respectively. 88.4% of patients experienced side effects from medication, only 43% of patients sought help for this. The most frequent motivation for completing PEP was “fear of HIV infection” (69.2%). 69.2% patients identified a specific HCP within clinic as being particularly supportive. Advice regarding remembering to take medication, continuity with HCP and arrangement of follow up appointments at the initial attendance were positively received.

Discussion/conclusion This qualitative survey identified barriers to compliance and ways to support patients in taking PEP. We should encourage patients to contact us for advice regarding side effects and anxiety, and provide practical advice around reminders for medication taking.

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