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P75 Patient satisfaction with home delivery service for antiretroviral medication
  1. Michelle Penn,
  2. Janet Paterson,
  3. Arnold Fernandes,
  4. Kate Horn
  1. Royal United Hospital Bath NHS Foundation Trust, Bath, UK


Background/introduction There is much interest in the use of home delivery services for antiretroviral medications. Advantages include convenience for patients, but notably, being VAT exempt, considerable cost benefits. In a small clinic like ours (cohort 174 patients), the estimated annual saving is £85,000. Disadvantages include concerns about confidentiality and inconvenience.

Aim(s)/objectives To assess the level of patient satisfaction with homecare delivery with a goal of 90%, and to exclude ‘never events’: delivery to wrong person/address or patient running out of medication.

Methods Between April and July 2014 we conducted an opportunistic paper-based survey of patients attending the HIV clinic. Results were analysed using Microsoft excel.

Results Completed questionnaires were returned from 57% of all homecare users. 85% reported telephone contact was good or very good but 23% experienced failure to deliver within the agreed time slot, some on multiple occasions. One patient reported running out of treatment and two deliveries had been made to an incorrect address. Overall satisfaction with the service was 81%.

Discussion/conclusion This survey had a number of limitations: it was not completely randomised or anonymised, used subjective measures, did not account for patient compliance and did not explore reasons for declining homecare. Overall satisfaction with the service fell short of our goal of 90%. More importantly there were 3 ‘never events’, two of which involved potential breach of confidentiality and caused considerable distress to the patients. The results have been fed back to the homecare delivery provider with a particular focus on avoiding ‘never events’.

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