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P83 A case of HIV associated neurocognitive impairment (Hand) responding to haart switch
  1. Benjamin Goorney,
  2. Suzannah Lant
  1. Salford Royal Foundation Trust, Salford, Greater Manchester, UK


Background/introduction We describe a case of a 34 yr old Black African women fully suppressed on HAART for 9 yrs presenting with recurrent episodes of HIV encephalopathy with abnormal MRI brain scan and detectable HIV in CSF. Following ARV switch her cognitive function and scans had improved and remains undetectable in CSF.

Aim(s)/objectives Started HAART in 2005 and remained asymptomatic and fully suppressed on (Kivexa/Atvr/rit) CD4 > 500 mm. Presented initially in 2014 to Neurology with acute confusion, headaches and convulsions. CSF revealed pleocytosis with V/L 811 copies and neg for infective screen. MRI scan revealed diffuse non-specific signals consistent with HIV encephalopathy. On recovery she was monitored in clinic and remained virologically controlled but with residual neurocognitive impairment characterised by short term memory loss and difficulty concentrating. She then represented 9 months later with focal motor signs and confusion resolving within 48 hrs MRI scan no focal lesion. Rpt CSF revealed V/L of 960 copies.

Results In view of persistant CSF viraemia she was switched to higher CPE score (from 7 to 12) HAART regimen of Trizivir/Maraviroc. Subsequently she fully recovered cognitive function and rpt CSF at 3/12 confirmed full suppressed VL with resolving brain scan.

Discussion/conclusion This case demonstrates that in well controlled pts on HAART who develop presumptive neuro-HIV and in absence of other potential causes, the value of CSF V/L in in constructing a HAART regimen with improved CSF penetration can result in significant improvement in both clinical and objective markers such as MRI scans.

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