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P89 Discussion of partner notification, HIV transmission, medico-legal issues and voluntary sector support at first HIV specialist review: audit report
  1. Josh Brown1,
  2. Cara Saxon2,
  3. Sameena Ahmad
  1. 1University of Manchester, Manchester, UK
  2. 2University Hospital South Manchester, Manchester, UK


Background/introduction BHIVA testing guidelines recommend that partner notification, transmission of HIV and the medico-legal issues are discussed with patients at their first review with an HIV specialist. This should ideally occur within 48 h but no later than 2 weeks after diagnosis. Consideration of additional support from the voluntary sector is also advised.

Aim(s)/objectives To audit the documentation of the recommendations above.

Methods A retrospective audit of electronic clinic letters and paper records of all HIV patients diagnosed at our service between 01/2008–04/2014.

Results Overall, 182/187 (97%) had all the information discussed with them and documented in the notes. In 2008, three patients had missing information. One failed to return following a positive test so all information was missing. One had no record of voluntary sector discussion. One was missing information about transmission and medico-legal issues. In 2011, another patient tested positive and failed to return for review so all information was missing. In 2013, one patient had a missing record of medico-legal issues discussion. In all other years all information was discussed and recorded in patient records.

Discussion/conclusion Each of the recommendations were discussed and documented in nearly all cases, with an improvement noted after 2008 (the year the guidelines were published). Each recommendation has important public health implications with the potential to reduce onward transmission. The provision of voluntary sector information is crucial for providing patients with additional support during the challenging time following diagnosis and has the potential to impact on future retention in care.

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