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P101 How soon are patients testing outside gum receiving a positive HIV result?
  1. Naa Torshie Annan,
  2. Ramalingam Nadarajah
  1. Frimley Park Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, Surrey, UK


Introduction UK national guidelines for HIV testing 2008, recommend that any individual testing positive for HIV should see a specialist preferably within 48 h and certainly two weeks of receiving the result.

Methods All HIV positive test results performed outside the GUM clinic between January 2013 and December 2014 were obtained from the microbiology database at Frimley Park Hospital. 35 patients were identified. 20 were excluded because they were previously known to have HIV, had a “non-specific” or “weakly reactive” result.

Results Of the 15 new diagnosis, 8/15 were inpatients, 4/15 outpatients and 3/15 GP diagnosis. Two-thirds were male, 53% White British and 73% heterosexual. The average age was 46 (31–65) years. All the patients had a fourth generation HIV test and a confirmatory test. The majority (87%) were late diagnosis with symptomatic HIV/AIDS and an average CD4 count of 50 cells/mm³. One inpatient diagnosis was missed for 5 weeks until the patient re-presented with PCP. The rest were all seen by a specialist (HIV consultant or health advisor) within 2 weeks of receiving their diagnosis with 64% seen within 24–48 h.

Discussion/conclusion The majority were late, symptomatic patients with AIDS. All but one result which was initially missed were seen by a specialist within the recommended 2 to 14 days after diagnosis. The recommendation now is that all positive results are phoned to the named consultant/GP responsible for the patient as well as the HIV/GUM team.

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