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P102 Why do patients attend as rebook attendees in sexual health clinics?
  1. Sumit Bhaduri,
  2. William Spice
  1. Department of Sexual Health, Worcestershire Health and Care NHS Trust, Worcestershire, UK


Background/introduction Locally commissioners have raised concerns as regards the number of patients re-attending as a new episode of care (rebook) at the countywide sexual health clinics, rebook patients accounting for 54% of new/rebook attendances over a three month period. Commissioning concerns focussed on whether re attendance for recurrent bacterial sexually transmitted infections (STIs) due to previous suboptimal health prevention/promotion. Are there any grounds for these concerns?

Aim(s)/objectives To ascertain the reasons why patients re-attend clinics as rebook patients.

Methods A retrospective analysis of 150 case notes of rebook patients was undertaken with respect to age, gender and reasons for attendance. In addition a questionnaire survey was administered prospectively to 172 rebook patients as regards reasons for re-attendance.

Results In the retrospective study, 106/150 (71%) were female, the average age of males was 30.4, the average age of female was 23.9. 56% (84/150) of patients attended three times or more related to genital warts, genital herpes, pelvic pain, contraception or recurrent bacterial vaginosis. In the prospective survey. 24% stated that they had re-attended because of genital warts, recurrent genital soreness or pelvic pain. 73/172(42%) were asymptomatic. Between 48–63% stated they preferred to attend because of the expertise, friendliness and confidentiality of the clinic.

Discussion/conclusion In one study, 56% of attendees had attended with recurrent issues not related to recurrent bacterial STIs. Between 48–63% had attended related to friendliness, expertise and confidentiality of the clinic inferring that quality of care and confidentiality are important factors in reasons for re-attendance.

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