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O14 Attitudes towards HPV vaccination for boys among sexual health clinicians
  1. Eleanor Draeger1,
  2. John McSorley2,
  3. Peter Greenhouse3,
  4. Janette Clarke4
  1. 1Lewisham and Greenwich NHS Trust, London, UK
  2. 2London North West Healthcare NHS Trust, London, UK
  3. 3Bristol Sexual Health Centre, Bristol, UK
  4. 4Leeds Centre for Sexual Health, Leeds, UK


Background In 2014 the JCVI issued an interim position statement recommending HPV vaccination for MSM under 40 through GUM clinics. BASHH advocates universal HPV vaccination.

Aim We sought sexual health clinicians’ opinions on HPV vaccination of males.

Methods Online anonymous survey, circulated via BASHH.

Results 131 responses – 90 (68.7%) female. 95 (75%) doctors; 19 (14%) nurses; 8 (6%) health advisors; 9 (7%) Other. 117/124 (95%) thought there should be universal HPV vaccination. 114/118 (97%) would vaccinate a daughter, 24/27 (88%) of those with an eligible daughter had done so. 107/119 (90%) would vaccinate a son, 10/24 (42%) with a teenage son have done so. 118 (90%) support a catch up programme. 96 (73%) thought this should include all boys up to age 18. 117 (89%) thought that MSM and others should also be vaccinated.

Abstract O14 Table 1

Who should receive HPV vaccine?

65/120 (54%) of respondents’ clinics are offering (40/120) or plan to offer (25/120) HPV vaccine to MSM (Table 1).

Discussion Sexual health clinicians overwhelmingly recommend HPV vaccination of all schoolchildren. They support a targeted HPV vaccination programme in MSM within GUM services but are concerned that this strategy alone is too late and too limited.

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