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P107 Sexual health services for men who have sex with men (MSM): are they acceptable?
  1. Thomas Kurka1,
  2. Suneeta Soni2,
  3. Daniel Richardson2
  1. 1Brighton and Sussex Medical School, Brighton, UK
  2. 2Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals NHS Trust, Brighton, UK


Background/introduction Locally, there is a large population of MSM. MSM have high and increasing rates of STIs and HIV: sexual health services should be accessible and MSM focussed.

Aim(s)/objectives The aims of this study were to assess patients’ satisfaction with the current services, preferences on staff gender, preferences on self-taken rectal and throat swabs, and the need for a specialist MSM service.

Methods Patient satisfaction survey of MSM attending four MSM-services in our city (hospital-based STI clinic and HIV clinic, a local non-government organisation (Terence Higgins Trust) and a walk-in primary care centre). Data were analysed using SPSS.

Results 246 MSM completed surveys between January–March 2014. The median age was 35 years (18–79). Most MSM (92.3%) self-identified as gay, 7.3% as bisexual and 0.4% as other. 12.7% self-identified as HIV-positive, 61.1% HIV-negative, 20.0% unsure and 5.7% never tested. 206/246 (83.7%) did not have a staff gender preference, the male: female staff preference was 35:5/246 (14.2%:2.0%). 113/227 (49.8%) would welcome self-taken rectal/throat swabs. 101/232 (43.5%) would prefer to be seen in a specialist MSM service. Overall, there was no significant difference in preference between HIV-positive and HIV-negative/unsure/never tested. The overall satisfaction with reception staff was 95.5% (outstanding/good) and 99.1% with doctor/nurse (outstanding/good).

Discussion/conclusion Overall, there is high satisfaction with sexual health services currently provided to MSM locally. Most patients do not have a staff gender preference but almost half of MSM would prefer a specialist service. We concluded that offering self-taken rectal and throat swabs would be acceptable for many MSM patients.

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