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P112 How integrated are we? a bashh bccg survey of gum and sexual health clinics in the UK
  1. Zana Ladipo1,
  2. Laura Mitchell1,
  3. Sasikala Rajamanoharan2,
  4. Mayur Chauhan1,
  5. Philip Kell3
  1. 1New Croft Centre, Newcastle, UK
  2. 2Watford General Hospital, Watford, UK
  3. 3Torbay Hospital, South Devon, UK


Introduction In 1995, the British Medical Journal published an editorial, “Rethinking sexual health clinics,” which recommended integration of genitourinary medicine (GUM) and contraceptive services. In 2010, The White Paper; Healthy lives; Healthy people outlined the aim for England to work towards an integrated model of sexual health service delivery.

Objectives As current levels of service integration within the UK are unknown, this study was undertaken to assess the perceived degree of integration in sexual health services nationally.

Methods A questionnaire was distributed via the British Clinical Cooperative Group to sexual health service leads in the UK between January and June 2012. The questionnaire contained fifteen questions covering issues related to integrated sexual health service provision.

Results A total of 74 questionnaires were returned, which was a response rate of 80%. 62% saw themselves as integrated sexual health services and a further 19% had plans to integrate over the subsequent 12 months. However the location of services, service provision, structure and funding of services as well as access and staff training varied considerably between these services. For example, 78% were located within a single premise while only 52% provided combined contraception and GUM at each of their clinic sessions.

Conclusion This survey clearly shows that there is commitment towards integration but there are no defining universal standards for integrated services. We therefore recommend development of national standards defining integrated service provision and staff training.

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