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P122 Walk-in primary-care centres are acceptable to men who have sex with men (MSM)
  1. Tamuka Gonah,
  2. Jodie Scrivener,
  3. Isata Gando,
  4. Rageni Sangha,
  5. Daniel Richardson
  1. Brighton and Sussex University Hospital, Brighton, Sussex, UK


Background Locally we have the highest HIV prevalence outside London and high rates of STIs in MSM. We operate a primary-care centre adjacent to a main line railway station which delivers both primary care and sexual health services. The aim of this study was to assess the acceptability of MSM in this setting.

Method Patient satisfaction survey was offered to MSM attending both services between June and October 2014.

Results 70/80(87.5%) surveys were returned. The median age of participants was 26(16–68) years. 62/70(89%) described themselves as MSM and 7/70 bisexual. 65/70(93%) attended for a sexual health screen. MSM liked the service due to ease of access (47%), proximity to work (23%) and opening-hours (23%). MSM highly rated welcome by reception staff (73% rated 5/5) and welcome by health-care-worker (HCW) (93% rated 5/5). 69/70(99%) stated they felt comfortable discussing their sexuality with the HCW. 46/70(66%) strongly agreed that the clinic environment was friendly to MSM. 29-freetext comments were received: 14/28(48%) were positive and 10/28(35%) offered service improvement suggestions: MSM suggested that streamlining appointment-booking and results via internet/mobile-phones and more evening appointments would improve the current service for them. Of concern, only 5/70(7%) of MSM attending for non-sexual health were offered STI testing.

Conclusion Our primary care centre offers a highly acceptable service for MSM. Electronic booking and results, and increased evening appointments will increase acceptability. We need to increase STI testing among MSM attending for general practice issues.

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