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P123 Engaging high risk populations in sexual wellbeing programmes
  1. David Stuart,
  2. Leigh Chislett
  1. Chelsea and Westminster Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, London, UK


Background/introduction Our NHS GUM/HIV clinic caters to a number of high risk populations, including transgender people, and MSM who use drugs for sex (the practice commonly known as ‘ChemSex’). Simply attracting these populations to our clinics, screening and treating for infections is not providing our patients with the robust care they deserve and need; in order to have any significant impact on infection rates, we need to offer culturally competent, holistic care that addresses the broader needs of the individual. In 2014, our team established the Wellbeing programme; a series of community engagement events that addressed the sexual and general wellbeing of individuals and communities via film screenings, community discussions, performance art, poetry and open-mic events; the concept is, that if our patients experienced community cohesion, and individual sexual wellbeing, they would experience less disease, less drug/alcohol use, less stigma, and better sexual health.

Aim(s)/objectives To place sexual wellbeing at the heart of sexual health, by engaging high risk populations in community dialogues about their own sexual choices, emotional needs and general wellbeing.

Methods Open-mic events, art exhibitions, discussion evenings with porn performers and scene personalities on relevant controversial topics.

Results Successful attendances at events, winning the faith of high risk populations, engagement with our clinics.

Discussion/conclusion This oral presentation will use footage from events and an interactive discussion on how to engage local populations or engagement-resistant cohorts in treatment.

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