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P140 Missed opportunities for ensuring adequate contraception: lessons from a rural sexual health service
  1. Lena Budd,
  2. Amy Pearce,
  3. Frances Keane,
  4. George Morris
  1. Sexual Health Hub, Royal Cornwall Hospital, Truro, Cornwall, UK


Background/introduction Our county-wide service is undergoing increasing integration which makes public health sense. Ideally, risk of both sexually transmitted infections and pregnancy should be addressed with patients.

Aim(s)/objectives We looked at missed opportunities for ensuring adequate contraception during routine GU appointments.

Methods A retrospective notes review of 50 consecutive new female attendances over 2/12 was conducted, with a follow up at 4/12 to check contraception initiation or pregnancy.

Results Consultations were conducted by 16 different staff, 44%(7) of whom are trained to initiate oral contraceptive pills (OCPs), 4 fit implants and 2 fit IUCD/IUS. 23 and 27 patients were seen by nurses and doctors respectively. Contraception methods, including none, were universally documented. 22(44%) patients were using long acting reversible methods of contraception (LARC) and 28%(14) an OCP. Pill compliance was documented in 5(36%) and advice given in 1 case. Only 4(14%) of the 28 non –LARC patients had LARC discussion. 7 patients used condoms and 7 no contraception. 5(36%) of these were advised to book a contraception clinic (CC)/GP appointment for contraception, 2 of whom failed to attend a subsequent CC. 1 patient was quick- started on an OCP. 2 patients were known to have conceived during the subsequent 4/12; 1 had LARC and 1 OCP at initial visit. 6(12%) and 1 patient/s were deemed at risk of pregnancy and appropriately provided with emergency contraception respectively.

Discussion/conclusion There were missed opportunities to maximise contraception efficacy. Time restrictions and lack of staff training pose barriers which we need to address.

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