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P148 Lost in transition: user views on the upper age limit in accessing contraception and sexual health services
  1. Kimberley Forbes,
  2. Arshia Tavender,
  3. Elizabeth Okecha,
  4. David Daniels,
  5. Richard West
  1. Sexual Health Hounslow, London, UK


Background/introduction In 2008 Integrated Contraception and Sexual Health (CASH) Services for those under 25s were launched at community and level-three sites. The age cap of 25 was linked to Chlamydia screening targets.

Aim(s)/objectives Staff highlighted concern regarding older clients and young people under 18 accessing services simultaneously. It was decided to consult user views before changes were made.

Methods Questionnaires were given to those under 25 attending CASH and level-three sites with choice regarding service access and age limit, 18, 20 or 25 and whether they had attended during a dedicated YP session.

Results 295 respondents; 41 male (13.9%). 2/14 <16s (14%), 9/57 <18s (16%), no 18–19 years olds and 10/156 >20s (6.4%) identified as attending during a dedicated YP clinic. 9/15 <16s (60%), 41/58 of <18s (71%), 52/66 18–19 years old (79%) and 125/156 of >20s (79%) preferred the age limit of 25.

Discussion/conclusion Surprisingly the majority of respondents from all age groups preferred 25 to be the maximum age for young people’s CASH services. A small number of respondents were under 16 and further work with younger clients to address hidden concerns may be indicated. Older YP still preferred YP-orientated sessions however the majority of respondents attended out of dedicated young people session times highlighting the need for mainstream services to offer a young people friendly service during all sessions.

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