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P150 Creating opportunities from local authority commissioning: early intervention pathway in young people’s sexual health services
  1. Kimberley Forbes,
  2. Elizabeth Okecha,
  3. David Daniels,
  4. Richard West
  1. Sexual Health Hounslow, London, UK


Background/introduction Young people (YP) seen within sexual health services (SHS) may not meet referral thresholds for traditional social care measures but could benefit from improved links to early intervention services (EIS) such as targeted youth support.

Aim(s)/objectives The aim was to assess needs of attendees to inform service delivery and review use of a local safeguarding assessment proforma and review concerns identified.

Methods We reviewed a random selection of 103 records from attendees 18 or younger attending in 2013 identified by the clinic management system.

Results 18 male (17.5%). Where documented 24/68 (35%), 13/39 (33%) and 34/44 (77%) reported current smoking, drug and alcohol use respectively. 32 <16s had a proforma including decision regarding referral to social care within 12 months (100%), 8 were known to social care (25%). 5 reported non-consensual sex (17%) and 10 reported searched at age 13 or younger (31%). No infections were diagnosed in <16s. 28/30 and 29/41 of those aged 16 (93%) and 17–18 years (71%) respectively had a completed proforma.

Discussion/conclusion YP attending SHS have a number of vulnerabilities that do not meet safeguarding intervention thresholds. We have developed a holistic approach by: developing pathways between SHS and EIS, recruitment of a Relationships Worker to provide targeted support and staff training in understanding and recognising additional needs and vulnerabilities which exist even in the absence of infections.

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