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P153 Watching the tv: trichomonas vaginalis naat testing in an inner city sexual health clinic
  1. Jonathan Shaw,
  2. Susanna Currie,
  3. Alma Hatley,
  4. Vian Shafiq,
  5. Jennifer Leighton,
  6. Vincent Lee
  1. Manchester Centre for Sexual Health, Manchester, UK


Introduction Trichomonas vaginalis (TV) is the commonest curable STI worldwide. UK prevalence is comparatively lower but TV remains an important cause of genital symptoms. National guidelines recommend NAATs for TV testing due to their high sensitivity. Since 2012 we have utilised Gen-Probe APTIMA TV assays for symptomatic females, males with recurrent urethritis and contacts.

Aims Assess the effectiveness of our current TV NAAT testing practice.

Methods Retrospective casenote review of patients tested for TV in an inner city sexual health clinic between 01/01/14–31/03/14.

Results 961 (882F, 79M) patients were included. Median age was 24 (range 15–67), 445 (46.3%) were White British. 6 (7.6%) of the men were MSM. 28 (2.9%) patients were TV NAAT positive (21F, 7M). 5 of them attended as TV contacts. 11 TV-infected females had positive microscopy. Comparing diagnostic modalities microscopy had inferior sensitivity (=0.524) but excellent specificity (=1) and NPV (=0.986). All TV-positive men were either symptomatic (4) or an asymptomatic contact (3). The TV-positive and TV-negative cohorts were compared:

Abstract P153 Table 1

Trichomonas vaginalis

TV incidence was significantly associated with increasing age, Black Caribbean ethnicity and attending as a contact; concurrent STI diagnoses and evident symptoms were not.

Conclusion Our data demonstrates the superior sensitivity of NAATs over microscopy. Extending screening to asymptomatic patients is not warranted. We continue to focus TV testing on known at-risk populations.

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