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P159 Sexual health services are ideally placed to manage vulnerable young people?
  1. Rhian Willson,
  2. Justine Orme,
  3. Deborah Williams,
  4. Daniel Richardson
  1. Brighton and Sussex University Hospital NHS Trust, Brighton, UK


Background/introduction Identifying and assessing the risk of child sexual exploitation (CSE) in young people is a fundamental role of sexual health clinics. The ‘Spotting the signs’ proforma developed by BASHH recommends assessing all those <18 yrs for risk factors.

Aim(s)/objectives The aim of this audit was to review those <18 yr olds attending the GU clinic in Brighton assessed as medium or high risk to investigate the areas of concern, the appropriateness of interventions and follow up.

Methods EPR records for all <18 yr olds between 1/4/14 and 31/10/14 were reviewed.

Results 56 patients identified, 86 attendances. 36/56 (64%) were 16–17 yrs. 48/56 (86%) were female. 23/56 (41%) were seen in the Young Person’s Clinic, the rest seen throughout the service. Concerns included: sexual assault/non-consensual sex 41%, drugs and alcohol 39%, difficulties at home/in care 37%, mental health 37% and partner age/coercion 11%. 20% had concerns in ≥ 3 areas. Interventions: 24/56 (53%) already had social work or other agency involvement, 27% were referred to agencies for the first time as a consequence of their visit to the clinic. Further clinic follow up was arranged in 33/56 (59%). All patients had a clear action plan.

Discussion/conclusion This audit suggests that older young people (16–17 yrs) have significant risk factors; the same vigilance accorded to under 16’s needs to be applied to this group. Sexual Health clinics are well placed to both recognise those at risk and provide ongoing support and referral.

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