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P169 Evaluation of a patient information leaflet designed to aid the patient experience of a newly integrated sexual health service
  1. Sarah Jones,
  2. Cara Saxon
  1. Bridgewater Community Health Care NHS Foundation Trust, Manchester, UK


Background/introduction Four services merged to create one new integrated sexual health (SH) service following a tender process. A new hub opened and six spoke clinics remained in existing locations. To address concerns about the implementation of integration a patient information leaflet (PIL) was designed explaining the new service (including how clinics might be different for returning patients, all services offered, and explanation of STI/HIV testing).

Aim(s)/objectives To evaluate the PIL.

Methods The new PILs were handed to all patients across the service (excluding two young persons services) at reception to read before seeing the clinician. During the first two weeks of role out patients were asked to complete a paper feedback form about the PIL.

Results 92 feedback forms were returned (20 [22%] from the hub and 72 [78%] from four spokes). 4 (5%) males: 86 (96%) females, median age 30 years (range 16–64). Knowledge of services offered improved from median 4/10 (range 1–10/10) to median 10/10 (range 1–10/10) after reading the leaflet. 33/66 (50%) patients not originally attending for an STI screen would consider or agree to screening after reading the leaflet (36/82 [44%] for HIV testing respectively). The leaflet received an overall rating of median 10/10 (range 5–10/10).

Discussion/conclusion Overall the leaflet was well received and improved patient’s knowledge of services offered, and uptake of STI/HIV testing. Females provided the majority of feedback most likely due to spokes previously providing primarily contraceptive services. More work needs to be done to encourage males to attend the spoke clinics.

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