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P170 Assess the risk behaviours and safer sex practices among male attendees in a sexual health setting
  1. Dilmini Mendis,
  2. Lilani Rajapaksa,
  3. PSK Gunathunga,
  4. M Jayalath,
  5. RC Fernando
  1. National STD/AIDS Control Programe, Colombo, UK


Background/introduction During the year 2011, 8511 males received services from the sexual health clinics island wide. At present there is only limited information on the risk behaviours of male attendees. Information on risk behaviours related to STI /HIV transmission is helpful in planning suitable prevention interventions.

Aim(s)/objectives The objectives were to determine the sexual partners responsible for transmitting STI/HIV and to understand the practice of safer sex.

Methods Study was a clinic based prospective study conducted for a one year period using an interviewer administered questionnaire.

Results 983 attendees were interviewed. 50% admitted sex with a casual female, 12% with a casual male, and 13% with CSW (commercial sex workers). 20.5% used alcohol frequently and 5.9% used drugs and 1.4% injected. 6.7% gonorrhoea, 8.2% nonspecific urethritis (NSU), 7.5% herpes and 0.7% HIV were transmitted by CSWs. Female casual partners were responsible for 3.7% gonorrhoea,8.3% NSU, 6.6% herpes and 0.8% HIV. MSM contacts were responsible for 10.6% of gonorrhoea, 4.5% NSU, 7.6% of infectious syphilis and 0.8% of HIV. Only 9% used condoms correctly. Non use of condoms were not due to unavailability but for other reasons as worried about satisfaction (24.6%) and faith in the partner (25.6%).

Discussion/conclusion Casual partners for unsafe sex is a concern. MSM and CSW are remained as an important source of infection. More males contracted infections via casual partners. Low condom use remains another concern. Therefore strategies used for prevention need to be revisited also emphasising on general population where casual partners represent.

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